“Doing More with Less…”

therapist and teenIn the health care climate of today, we know that the medical community has more demands than ever, to treat a wide diversity of health problems with significant limits placed on both time and financial reimbursement.

In 2001, the state of North Carolina passed sweeping Health Care Reforms, eliminating
a large number of the publicly funded mental health programs. This left the medical community taking up the slack and providing much needed support for many patients who would otherwise have no assistance with their mental health needs.

We Are Here To Make A Difference

a medical professionalMarriage and Family Therapists recognize the value of a “team” approach, often working in conjunction with Medical Practitioners to provide the mental health support a patient requires. We assess, diagnose, and develop a powerful Treatment Plan with each patient. Throughout their treatment, Marriage and Family Therapists consult with treating Medical Professionals, and provide ongoing support through individual, couples and/or family therapy sessions.

More About Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapists (MFTs) are trained and licensed mental health professionals. The combination of rigorous preparation and competency required to earn licensure as a MFT offers a powerful skill-set to contribute to a variety of clinical concerns. This provides MFTs a unique qualification to independently diagnose and treat both individual mental health issues as well as marital, family and relationship problems. MFT is recognized and highly respected as one of the core mental health disciplines

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